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Premium Italian Law Firm expert in solving complex international issues.​

Our unique expertise extends to every corner of international law, ensuring that no legal challenge remains unaddressed.

We are the only Legal Partner that can guarantee you protection by design thanks to our International Legal Shield unique concept. 

Our Networks

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Foreign Clients & Partners

High level assistance and services for ambitious initiatives and complex transactions in Italy .

Our premium law firm focuses on providing unparalleled service for foreign clients who are embarking on ambitious initiatives and complex transactions in this beautiful country.

Every day we collaborate with Attorneys, Lawyers, Solicitors, CPAs, Management Consultants, Financial  Advisors, Family Offices, Public Notaries, Real estate Developers, Project Finance Promoters, Private and Institutional Investors (Private Equiters, Pension Funds, etc.) from around the globe to extend our expertise in Italian law and operational support to these professionals, empowering them to better serve their clients with their needs in Italy.

Foreign Groups

International legal expertise for groups and enterprises.

Our premium international law firm is here to serve as your trusted partner, providing strategic advisory, enterprise legal solutions, and unrivaled expertise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in joint ventures (JVs), as well as in divestment transactions, making life easier for the foreign management and entrepreneurs.

In today's fast-paced global economy, navigating the complexities of international business can be a treacherous journey. 

Our team of legal masterminds focuses on guiding Business Groups through the intricate web of strategic decision-making, legal convolutions, and cutting-edge negotiations.

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Foreign Investors

Strategic advisory in any investmentsincluding alternative investment asset classes, with particular focus on real estate and project finance.


Thanks to our skills, we help investors to optimize results by making possible to add decorrelated asset classes to their portfolio, in line with their preferred time horizon.

Investors can rely on us to implement any alternative investment assets in Italy, including real estate, private equity and project finance.

It is no secret that real estate has tremendous opportunities in Italy, and we can help foreign investors to avoid many pitfalls in this domain.

We also hold an expertise in designing, mounting and implementing Project Financing Models as:

  • Build Own Operate (BOO)

  • Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO)

  • Build Transfer Operate (BOT)

  • Buy Build Operate (BBO)

We can lead foreign clients to lucrative investment opportunities in touristic resorts, marinas and real estate operations. 

Our international law firm is here to provide foreign clients like you with strategic legal advisory assistance, tailored to meet the needs of Internationals Investors.

“Our mission is very simple: to ensure the best possible advice and assistance to foreign clients having interests and/or assets in Italy"

Fulvio Graziotto, Partner

Our Main Italian Office

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 194, 18038 Sanremo IM


24/7 Assistance

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Our Advanced Assistance & Legal Services

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Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Non-Circumvention Agreement (NCA) - Expression of Interest (EOI) - Letter of Intent (LOI) - Preliminary Agreement - Price Determination - Closing Deed - Post-Deal Assistance & Protection - Possible ADR & In-Court Litigation - Tax Litigation.

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